Show up every day to make those around you better.

We believe that combinations lead to more valuable, enduring companies. Through flexible ownership structures, we drive value for the business and management teams we partner with.

Strategic combinations with a global perspective.

We invest in high-growth businesses that have the potential to benefit from our proprietary strategic combination approach to building value.

Driven by senior team leadership, we take a value oriented approach to establishing truly aligned partnerships, embracing complexity and flexibility, in pursuit of a shared vision and purpose with our partners.

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We apply a consistent strategy that balances accretive combinatory growth with operational excellence.

Investment Criteria


We practice a proactive and proprietary sourcing model, driven by our senior leadership. We believe in nurturing and building relationships over time, with partnership engagements typically developing over a 12-24 month cycle.

Geographic Focus

North America and Western Europe

Sector Focus




Middle Market

Enterprise Value of $100M -$1,000M

Target Revenue of $100M -$750M

Target EBITDA of $10M -$150M

Typical Investment of $30M -$150M not including co-investment

Target Company Attributes

B2B focused businesses with stable market growth

Fragmented industry with opportunity for combination-driven value creation

Ability to build attractive business for strategic buyers

Partnership with sellers

Strong management teams