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Important Information Concerning JPMC
This Website contains certain information about the investment activities, investment performance and the investment portfolio of OEP Parent LLC ("JPMCS") and its affiliates that was managed by certain JPMorgan Chase & Co ("JPMC") personnel, including investment professionals and other professionals who have formed, advised and assisted OEP (collectively, the "OEP Investment Personnel"). OEP is not an affiliate of JPMC, JPMCS or any of their affiliates. Portions of the information that may appear on this Website, including the investment performance, were derived from the books and records of JPMC and JPMCS available to the OEP Investment Personnel during the time of their employment by JPMC. In light of the independence of OEP from JPMC, none of JPMC, JPMCS or any of their affiliates assumes responsibility for the compilation, review or preparation of any of the performance or other information contained herein. Consequently, in no respects should JPMC, JPMCS or any of their affiliates be considered to have approved or disapproved any of the information set forth herein or the offering of any interests in any fund sponsored or advised by OEP or to have assumed any responsibility therefor.

No consideration of adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors
OEP Capital Advisors, L.P. (“OEP”) does not consider adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors as specifically set out in the SFDR. OEP has chosen not to do so for the present time, since OEP considers its existing due diligence processes and ESG Policy approach to be appropriate and proportionate in the context of its investment strategy and investors’ expectations. OEP continues to monitor regulatory developments with respect to the SFDR and other applicable ESG-focused laws and regulations, including the implementation of related and secondary legislation and regulatory guidance, and will, where required or otherwise appropriate, make changes to existing policies and procedures.